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About Me

A 44 year old Husband and father I've held a fascination with space and the night sky since I was very young.

Nursing a slight Star Wars obsession and a telescope I love to look at the majesty and beauty of the universe we all share.

I have a great interest in, and am lukcy to be working in, the field of technology and it is my hope that someday during the future I can have the opportunity to go into space, to look back at our fragile earth.

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Space and Science

Even though I wasn't born until well after the historic Space Race between the Soviets and the United States I have a fascination with the pioneering spirit that was abundent on both sides.

I was lucky enough to have met Charlie Duke, the Apollo 11 capcom and Lunar Module pilot of Apollo 16.

It is my hope that as a species we can put away our petty rivalries and truly be one people, the inhabidents of this beautful blue and green marble.


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Coming Soon will be a gallery of images I have taken

Images Copyright © NASA used under public license except moon image Copyright © 2015 Richard Bown