Professional, proficient and passionate about people and technology in my work and play I have a proactive and hands on approach. I am a homeowner and after enjoying many different areas of the country during my childhood, I am firmly settled with my young family in Norfolk.

I am currently looking to pursue new challenges and able to bring a very professional attitude and varied skillset to a new employer, you have probably visited this page because I have left you a contact card.

I enjoy leading, encouraging and motivating my team as well as learning from them. I am level headed with a sense of humour and have the ability to prioritise and complete multiple projects at the same time whilst working under pressure. Many of my skills and experience have been gained from training in a practical environment, solving real problems in the real world for real people.

Outside of work I have an ongoing interest in cutting edge technologies and have an amateur interest in astronomy and space science.
The professionalism, teamwork and spirit of adventure that the early pioneers of spaceflight embodied are a source of inspiration and aspiration to me.

This site is to give you a practical look at my varied skills, permission has been granted by the owners for me to post these items for promotional purposes.


Darren Powles Sculpture - Website for a local sculpter who uses eco friendly reclaimed source materials

Coldbeck Barn
- Website for a holiday home.

PickWise - Website for agricultural software. Includes promotional material, software user manuals, support documentation and interactive training materials.

AR Drone Video - a fun video of my Radio Controlled Quadricopter

Hugo Boss watch face recreation for my Moto360 android wear device

Raw footage shot from the Quadricopter

Consumer Pack Trace - an online system demonstration to show software system overview.

Sofware Protoype - early lifecycle conceptual demonstration provided to software developers to demonstrate how the product should look and feel based on customer feedback

Promotional Video - Youtube version of a video produced to promote a new replica lightsaber.

Lightsaber Replica Video - Video i Made to show off my lightsaber replica.

Video Effects Test - short test footage of Tardis dematerialisation effect.


Google Nexus 5 home screen theme with matching Nexus 7 Tablet theme and Nexus 10 Tablet theme

Corporate branding guidleline sheet

Xmas Menu front and Xmas Menu Inside - promotional material for a local pub with a small print run.

Conceptual Design Sketch and General Arrangement Drawing for a portable storage tank.

Magazine Advert for an Offshore Telecommunications Company.

Image Repair Example - Image restoration example.

Image Colorise Example - Example of taking an old mono image and adding colour.

Flyer Front and Flyer Back - Software Promotional Flyer.

Datasheet - Software branded Product Datasheet.

PC Software User Manual - Software manual designed for PC users*

Handset User Manual - Software manual designed for non-english speaking users*

PC Wallpaper - Pickwise branded wallpaper to be installed on all customer configured computers.

* documents require Adobe Reader or similar PDF viewer


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