Local Events and Other Local News


This page of the website contains details of events and activities involving not only the SGSA directly but including those which are external to the SGSA but which may still of interest to those living and working locally.

Events will be added here as they become known and contributions to this page should be directed to the Chairman for inclusion here.

One significant event, agreed by the Committee, was to commission a SGS memorial stone containing a time capsule. The commemorative stone was unveiled in Days Park on Saturday 19th July 2014 by our patrons. A transcript of the speech can be found by clicking here and a pictorial record can be found by following the link in the Photo Library page or clicking here

In addition, a personal memory of the unveiling can be read by clicking here

Another significant event has been the re-introduction of secondary education in Swanage through the Government's "Free School" scheme, and which has been a great success story. All credit must go the group of parents, teachers, teaching assistants and governors of "Education Swanage" who have made this possible.

Sadly, the Welfare Housing Trust (who currently still own the old school buildings) withdrew their offer to gift it to this project.



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